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Bengkulu Wooden Houses

Bengkulu traditional house has another name Bubungan Lima. It is so named because of its tiered or soaring roof.
The uniqueness of the Bengkulu traditional house is the shape of the roof which is stacked and made of palm leaves. In addition to the unique shape of the house, this house also has an earthquake-resistant design because it is supported by 15 poles that are 1.8 meters high.

Rumah Bubungan Lima is usually made of flexible yellow wood, but it can last for hundreds of years. Another uniqueness of this house is the odd number of stairs according to the beliefs of the surrounding community.
For the roof of the house, not only using fibers. Currently, the roof of the house is often replaced by zinc material along with the times. For the ceiling, it is usually used a board or bamboo cover.
The walls of the Bubungan Lima house are usually made of planks or bamboo shells. The same material used for the ceiling. In the middle there is also a window and above the window there is a vent so that air circulation is maintained.

In addition, in the section there are beams to connect the house poles. At the bottom of the house is covered with boards that serve to protect the residents of the house from attack by wild animals. In this section, precisely at the bottom of the pillar, there is a stone so that the house is protected from earthquake shocks.
In this section there is a berendo or a relaxing room which is used to receive guests and as a children's play area. Apart from berendos, there is also a room (hall) located just behind the berendō. The hall is used to receive guests who are closer and familiar to the owner of the house. Hall is also used as a gathering area with extended families.

Each Bengkulu traditional house has a living room. In the living room, it is commonly used as a place to place household furniture and also to receive guests among housewives. At night, the living room is used as a bedroom for boys.
Talking about the bedroom or bedroom, in Bengkulu traditional house there is also a bedroom or what is called the gedang room. This room is used to sleep a married couple. If the husband and wife still have small children, the children are allowed to sleep together in the gedang room.
If the family has a daughter, the child will sleep in the girl's room which is next to the gedang room.

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bengkulu house
bengkulu house
bengkulu house