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Rumah betang is a typical Kalimantan traditional house that is found in various parts of Kalimantan and is inhabited by the Dayak community, especially in the upstream area of ​​the river which is usually the center of the settlement of the Dayak tribe.
The characteristics of the Betang House are the shape of the stage and elongated. The length can reach 30-150 meters and the width can reach about 10-30 meters, has a pole about 3-5 meters high. Each Betang house is inhabited by 100-150 people, Betang can be said to be a tribal house, because apart from that, there is a large family who lives in it and is also led by a [Pambakas Lewu]. In certain Dayak tribes, making a Betang house must meet the following requirements, including the upstream must be in the same direction as the sun rises and downstream it is towards the setting sun. This is considered a symbol of hard work to survive from sunrise to sunset. All Dayak tribes, except the Dayak Punan who live wandering, initially lived in communal togetherness in rumah betang / long house, commonly called Lou, Lamin, Betang, and Lewu Hante.

The Long House / Betang House for the Dayak community is not only an expression of the legendary life of their ancestors, but also a comprehensive and concrete statement about the village guardianship system, social organization and social system, so that it inevitably becomes the central point of the lives of its citizens. Cultural value systems resulting from the process of long house life, concern the meaning of human life; meaning of work; works and deeds; perception of time; human relations with the environment; about relationships with others. It can be said that the betang house gives its own meaning to the Dayak people. Rumah betang is the center of their culture because that is where all activities and all life processes take place from time to time.

Rumah Betang is indeed not a luxurious residence with a variety of sophisticated furniture as desired by modern society today. Rumah Betang is sufficient to be described as a simple residence with minimal furniture. However, behind that simplicity, Rumah Betang has many meanings and is full of superior life values. It cannot be denied that the house has become a strong symbol of the communal life of the Dayak people. By living in a betang house and undergoing all the life processes in that place, the Dayak people show that they also have an instinct to always live together and side by side with other members of the community. They love peace in a harmonious community so they try hard to maintain the tradition of this betang house. This expectation is supported by the awareness of each individual to align their interests with common interests. This awareness is based on a religio-magical mind, which assumes that every citizen has the same values ​​and position and right to live in his community.

Rumah Betang apart from being a residence is also the center of all traditional activities of the community. On closer inspection, activities at longhouses resemble a traditional, non-formal educational process. Rumah betang is both a place and at the same time an effective means for the Dayak community to foster intimacy with one another. It is in this place that they begin to chat to exchange ideas about each other's experiences, knowledge and skills. Such a thing is not something difficult to do, even at night or even in bad weather, because they are under one roof. Thus experience, knowledge and skills are passed on orally to future generations. In the atmosphere of long house life, every citizen is always voluntary and open to other residents in providing instructions and guidance in doing something. Such opportunities are also open to groups from outside the longhouse.

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central kalimantan house
central kalimantan house
central kalimantan house