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Rumah Lamin is a traditional house from East Kalimantan. Rumah Lamin is the identity of the Dayak people in East Kalimantan. Lamin's house is about 300 meters long, 15 meters wide, and approximately 3 meters high. Rumah Lamin is also known as a house on stilts which is long from connecting. This house can be lived by several families because the size of the house is quite large. One of Lamin's houses in East Kalimantan is even inhabited by 12 to 30 families. Rumah Lamin can accommodate approximately 100 people.

Rumah Lamin has several characteristics that are generally immediately recognizable. On the body of Lamin's house, there are many carvings or images that have meaning for the Dayak people in East Kalimantan. One of the functions of the carvings or images on the body of Lamin's house is to protect the family who lives in the house from harm. The danger here is the black magic that generally exists in Dayak society which is used to harm someone.
Rumah Lamin has a distinctive color that is used to decorate the body of the house. The distinctive colors are yellow and black. However, not only the two colors are used to decorate Lamin's house. Every color used to decorate Lamin's house has a meaning. Yellow symbolizes dignity, red symbolizes courage, blue symbolizes loyalty, and white symbolizes cleanliness of the soul. Rumah Lamin made of wood The wood used to make Lamin houses is Ulin wood. This wood is known by the Dayak people as iron wood. That said, when ironwood is exposed to water, this wood will get harder. This is evident from the long life span of Lamin's house, which is made using ironwood. However, there are various difficulties to find this wood in the forest.
Lamin's house is usually filled with statues or totems. These statues or totems are deities who are believed by the Dayak people to guard their houses from danger. Rumah Lamin is divided into three rooms, namely the kitchen room, bedroom and living room. The bedrooms are located in a row and are generally owned by each family who lives in the house. The bedroom is also differentiated between the men's bedroom and the women's bedroom unless the man and woman are married.
The guest room is generally used to receive guests and also for traditional meetings. The living room is a long empty room. On the outside of Lamin's house, there is a ladder that is used to get inside. This ladder has the same shape and model both in the Lamin house which is inhabited by the upper middle class Dayak community and the lower middle class Dayak community. In the lower part of the house Lamin is usually used to raise livestock.

Lamin's house is rectangular and has a roof that is shaped like a saddle. This house has a height of approximately 3 meters from the ground. Rumah Lamin has a width of approximately 15-25 meters and a length of 200-300 meters. Rumah Lamin is built with several supporting poles to support the house. The pillars of the Lamin house are divided into two parts. The core supports are pillars that support the roof of Lamin's house. Another pillar is a pillar that supports the lamin floors of the house. These poles are shaped like tubes. The entrance to Lamin's house is connected by several stairs as the entrance to the house. On the front yard of Lamin's house there are statues or totems made of wood. In the center of the house there is a large pole made of wood which functions to tie livestock or pets. The end of the roof of Lamin's house is decorated with a dragon's head made of wood.

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east kalimantan house
east kalimantan house
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