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Riau Island Wooden Houses

Rumah Belah Bubung is a traditional house from the Riau archipelago in Indonesia. The Belah Bubung house is also known as the rabung house or the Malay bubung house. It is said that the name of this house was given by foreigners who came to Indonesia such as China and the Netherlands.

Rumah Belah Bubung has the same house model as the house on stilts. This house is 2 meters high from the ground and is supported by several pillars. This house has a roof that is shaped like a horse saddle. The main house is divided into 4 parts, namely the hallway, the main room, the connecting room for the kitchen, and the kitchen. Belah Bubung house has a basic material, namely wood. The process of building a house is not arbitrary because it has to go through several stages which are believed to prevent homeowners from bad luck.

The size of this house also depends on the economic capacity of the house owner. The larger the house size shows that the economic capacity of the homeowner is middle to upper class, but the smaller the house indicates that the economy of the home owner is lower middle.

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riau island house
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